LOADING - Pre-release notes

LOADING - Pre-release notes

by Oren John

Our first release isn't a true collection, so going to refer to it as LOADING, because that's what's happening.  It's been a blast along the way, and it's just an introduction to the brand and our Americana, post-luxury, lifemaxxing ethos.

Mockup of the rubber, resizable car matts. 

As the full first Valuable collection came together, I frankly didn't want to wait to pull the proverbial trigger, so we started grabbing initial items we liked along the way.  At the same time, we needed to build the store, make sure our shipping process is right, and get things dialed in before giving this a proper go.  I've always been a fan of build immediately and refine versus wait for perfection, and you'll see how fast we iterate, update and improve as Valuable grows... it's going to be fun to watch. 

First sample of what became the studded car dice.


This first release includes
- the see-through beach pants in cream and black (in stock now)
- the first distressed cobra shirt (in stock now)
- the brown cashmere "dark horse" hats (en route)
- the black leather care dice (en route)
- pony and cow-hide belts (in stock now)
- several editions of car matts (en-route)
- cobra back print 550gsm hoodie (made in Turkey, excellent wash, LFG)

With that in mind, this is all coming out without the details. 

The beach pants and cobra shirt aren't in custom bags, everything after is.  The belts are in default factory box packaging with a sticker closure, and we'll transition to th velvet bag next.  The dice and cashmere hat are actually dialed, but the rest of the new stuff won't come until May so just gonna drop em along the way because... I want to. 

Not everything was perfect this release, with the cobra shirt we also got a brown cowboy shirt, but the factory didn't do the wash properly, so the distressing is too much on the fronts it's covered in holes without the wash context.  Sucks, because from the back its sick as hell, but not trying to come out the gate with anything that's mediocre. Debating... turning these into cutoffs, adding a second wash, or potentially coupling them with a thermal underlayer. We'll see.

Maybe I'm tripping, dm me if you think they're still good to drop.

Anyway, enjoy LOADING, bear with us as we work out the logistics, and stoked to get into Collection 1 and share the journey along the way.