Behind Valuable

Behind Valuable

by Oren John

In creating this brand, there are three things that are ultra important to me, that I want you to know are behind it as you enjoy the products.

Valuable - We live in a world where they don't give trophies or awards for our kind of work, for the strange, twisting grind of looking to make something better for you and the people around you.  Where visions often go unrecognized because they don't fit some legacy media definition of what's "good".   Words have meaning, and everyone that wears the word "valuable" is, by association, someone valuable. Recognize this in yourself, and know that we recognize it in you.  It might sound simplistic, but it's true.  The power extends to the items themselves, and to their wearers.   I especially feel it when I see our team in the factories and the warehouse wearing the gear.  Everyone knows how we consider one another, and that we're building it together.


Open - I'm building that brand as close to "open source" as makes sense.  I document a ton on Youtube, and share the thoughts that go into naming, setup, marketing, design and more. As we go, I'm releasing a ton of the factories so if you ever wanted to put your own spin on the vision you can. The only ones I'm not opening up are the ones that ask me not to.   Every item I'm doing content on the decisions that wait in, and we'll even release some tech packs for you to go wild with in the future too.  I've learned enough in my decade plus designing that it's useless to get mad when someone copies your style or dupes your work... and instead the real thing to do is encourage the world to put their own spin on your ideas, to enable it even, and that energy comes back tenfold. 

Vision - There are a lot of brands that are meant to solve some specific user need, maximize their revenue, or serve some underserved part of the market.  This is not one of those brands.  I work with a team of amazing folks, our in house team, plus Magnum Opus, OVVN, I got one illustrator who did some of these shirt designs whose a 66 year old western illustration OG, - and this is all just about putting out things that we think are interesting, that we feel people will use and go "this is so so sick" and we are planning to chase that feeling as long as we can.  I don't think there's any brand doing Americana iconography justice, few who do "racing" gear that actually give a shit about car culture and living beyond flexing, and not many who actually share why they design what they do and what it means.  We're gonna do it all here, and at the end of the day, we want to make things our extended family are absolutely stoked on, until all the ideas we've ever had are torched.  Until then 🫡

- Oren