A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities

by Oren John

Alright, I've got some new items up in this test run and we're starting to get to the fun stuff.

First off, we have car dice.  I owned a '92 caddy the transmission fell out of after college that was probably my favorite vehicle ever and it came off the shady used car lot with a pair of fuzzy dice and I've put them in most of my vehicles since.  

Then I saw the big leather studded Chrome Hearts ones with their custom cross studs, that were of course... like five racks. So I made my own, flat studs like a simple man, bunch of variants in the hopper.  Drop em on the rear view mirror, let em clang. Throw em off a rack in the office, hang em in the shop, they're fire. 

Then we have the cashmere hat.  Brown embroidery of our Dark Horse logo on a brown hat, I wanted to make a luxury dad hat, but again not charge $150 for Vince or $600 for Loro cashmere.  I had the ultra-lux cashmere and might drop that later but the factory sent this fuzzy cashmere I absolutely love and went with that.

Car matts are stuck in customs or a transit facility of some kind IDK but those coming online soon too.

As you can probably tell a common motif for me is going to be taking normal things and just radically upleveling the materials in a way that's interesting in perpetuity.  They will all be things that the discerning will enjoy, and I can't wait for you to experience them