• Valuable Cobra Tee
  • Valuable Cobra Tee

    Valuable Cobra Tee

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    Honestly this tee is fucking sick

    It's 320gsm all cotton, so pretty heavy, the wash is tight, it's cropped but not too cropped, it's heavily distressed with holes all over but it's subtle because it's black

    and it's got a massive cobra on it, like tees used to back when this was a real country

    I like this one more than the brown personally because of the wash 

    I'll probably never release something this tight this cheap ever again until pac sun sends the satchel and even then... fuck them kids

    this fits true to size and is cropped/boxy, if you want oversized def size up

    for women's sizing the XS fits like a women's small

    🐍 🦅 📁 🏆