• Black Beach Pants
  • Black Beach Pants
  • Black Beach Pants

    Black Beach Pants

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    Quick heads up THIS IS A SEE THROUGH PANT. 

    The OG Valuable item, the restock is at my house and I just gotta ship to the 3PL and get an intake so gimme a week or two, this is the reality of putting in re-ups before knowing what warehouse you're switching too, and now you get to share in that logistical journey with your boy. 

    These are probably the funnest thing I've ever made.  If you want to show a lil leg (male or female, we all gotta live a little bit), and just have that day to day sexy summer energy, this is an amazing, breezy, comfy pant. 

    Perfect for the beach to wear over a swimsuit, to style for a summer party, or to enjoy while you're on the boat.

    Brahs, easy to match with black underwear if you don't want to think about it, or hit it with a contrast compression pant under and flex some style.

    Ladies you're gonna style this far better than what I can recommend for you, go forth

    Rope drawstring closure so easy to size.  If you're tall and want them to drape over your shoes grab an L

    Male is 6'3, size 32 wearing a size M
    Female is 5'2 wearing a size XS

    🐍 🦅 📁 🏆